Ice Therapy AKA Cryotherapy

Happy summer! We wait all year for these sunny days with long daylight hours. Keep enjoying the HOT weather folks! This month I want to talk about “Ice therapy” or in medical terms, it is called “cryotherapy.”  You can’t have pain without inflammation. Ice numbs the...

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Breaking News: The Aspirin Myth Debunked

Since the 1970’s the American Heart Association has recommended daily doses of baby aspirin to prevent or manage heart disease.  Millions of Americans have followed that advice for years. Three (3) major clinical trials in 2018 questioned the validity and safety of a...

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Quick Spring Gardening Tips

Month 2 at Performance Health Center! I am loving my work here. Treating patients every day and watching their pain levels decrease and their functional ability increase, is an amazing thing to be a part of. Spring is finally here! This month I want to talk about...

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