On-Line Learning Ergonomic Tips

It’s hard to get used to learning at home.  You miss out on seeing friends, collaborating on projects, one to one meetings with teachers and sports Learning from home is also tough on the body.  Not that school desks are the best thing for your body, but at...

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The Top 10 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

I wanted to share some information that I have been researching these past few months about how diet can affect inflammatory responses in the human body.  There is an epidemic of inflammatory diseases that affect millions of people every day, and many experts...

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The Road To Recovery

It’s really great to be back in the office!  I missed being at work and helping people.  I’m asked all the time how I am doing and if I’m at pre-injury condition.  The great news is that I can do everything I need to do in my physical job as a...

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Breaking News: The Aspirin Myth Debunked

Since the 1970’s the American Heart Association has recommended daily doses of baby aspirin to prevent or manage heart disease.  Millions of Americans have followed that advice for years. Three (3) major clinical trials in 2018 questioned the validity and safety of a...

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