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We are a multifaceted chiropractic health care facility located in Natick, MA.

Get treated like a rockstar

From athletes to rockstars and everyone in between, our goal is to get you functioning at your greatest potential.

We love helping our patients find better health

Our chiropractic doctors and staff are exceptional people who are dedicated to relieving pain and optimizing our patients’ health using natural, safe and state-of-the art techniques that enhance performance, improve function and decrease pain.

We are not just about the spine at Performance Health Center. We have the chiropractic skills, tools and experience to diagnose and treat various conditions throughout the body.


Performance Health Center is temporarily closed.

All of us at Performance Health Center take your health and safety very seriously. Therefore, we are temporarily closing with the plan of re-opening on Wednesday, April 1st.

Know that your chiropractor is available to consult with you on the phone to offer advice and self-care strategies.