As of August 13th, I became certified by Active Release Techniques® (ART®) as a Full Body practitioner. 

ART® has made a tremendous impact in my ability to help patients. While I have learned many soft tissue techniques over the years, ART® is a game changer. The results are much quicker than with the other techniques in the majority of cases. This is because ART® protocols identify and then help resolve adhesions and scar tissue in muscles, fascia, ligaments and nerve pathways.

ART® is a full body system. Practitioners learn how to treat 90 protocols in the upper extremity (the shoulder to the fingers); 60 protocols in the lower extremity (the hip to the toes); and the most complicated of all, the 43 protocols of the spine. . Why is the spine so complicated? Because it moves in six directions. My brain felt fried after the spine course.

At Performance Health Center, we’ve all mastered these protocols. Practice, of course, makes perfect. We are constantly learning, feeling for spasm, restriction, or imbalance in each patient. No one is the same, every patient has a history and pain complex specific to them. And while we see patterns with similar pain symptoms, the causes of their pain are often different.  ART® helps us identify and correct these patterns to make our patients more functional in their daily lives, because we want you to live your *best* life!

Accept in acute injuries, pain doesn’t just happen. There are always underlying causes usually from long term physical abuse/stressors on your body’s function. Sometimes it’s because we’re at a desk for 8 hours a day. Sometimes it’s because we sleep in the wrong position every night. Sometimes it’s because we use poor body mechanics when doing repetitive movements such as lifting or reaching. And sometimes, there is a structural issue like a short leg or a change that occurs after surgery. The reasons don’t matter—our goal is to identify, correct and improve the cause of the mechanical causes that express themselves in pain.  It takes a multi-faceted approach to change, retrain, and rehabilitate joint and soft-tissue dysfunction, but it can be accomplished with manipulation, ART®, ergonomic / lifestyle changes, and correct stretching and exercises. Nutrition can also makes a big difference in the healing process. Helping our patients get out of pain usually doesn’t take long. Rehabilitating and reversing poor biomechanics takes longer.  The goal is to get our patients to their optimum function and then help them stay healthy.

If you have any questions about ART®, please talk to any one of us. We are always here to help!   For more info email me at: [email protected]