Most people are still unaware of the dangers of antibiotics and the havoc they wreak on our immune systems. Unfortunately, their job of destroying the bad pathogens in our system doesn’t stop there, it continues by also destroying the beneficial gut bacteria that is so crucial to our bodies’ maintaining good health.

Our bodies’ gut flora has an immense impact on our bodies’ functions and overall health, effecting diet, mood, metabolism and so much more. Yes, there are times when taking an antibiotic prescription is just unavoidable based on the infection, but too many people are taking them for minor issues that can be resolved without medication.

Once our immune systems are taken down and become unbalanced, it opens the floods gates to more health problems. Constant colds, flu’s, inflammatory diseases, digestion issues and much more become common and unavoidable.

If and when you have to take a cycle of antibiotics, be sure to complete the cycle and more importantly, up your vitamins especially C & D and a probiotic.

Also, exercise is another crucial factor in keeping your immune system up. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise a few days a week by lifting heavy one day, a couple days of low-impact cardio such as a long brisk walk or hike, bike ride or kayaking and a day or two of circuit training.